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Valencia, Spain


Valencia, Spain

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Valencia, Spain

Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia

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Dun Chaoin Pier
County Kerry, Ireland | by Paul Flynn


BenBulben Mountain in sligo is the site of the tragic end of one of the saddest stories in Irish myth. The persuit of Diarmuid and Grainne.

Its a place unusually linked with the Fianna, their boar cult and possibly the god of the dead.

Diarmuid and Grainne are chased all over Ireland by Fionn who was slighted by Grainne choosing Diarmuid over him. There are sites all over Ireland called “Diarmuid and Grainnes bed” where the lovers are supposed to have rested. Its our romeo and juliette, high romance with a sad end.

Despite being protected by the God Aengus ultimately Fionn cornered Diarmuid and Grainne at Ben Bulben and arranged to hunt the Green Boar. Boars are the killers of the Fianna and he hoped rightly that it would cost Diarmuid his life.

The Boar is central to the death feast in Irish myth, they appear in otherworld bruidne theyre VAST in size and warriors decide who gets the largest share based on how many men theyve killed. In some cases its arrival at a feast is a sign of inescapable doom for the hero.

The god of the dead, Donn begins his life as a shape shifting swine herd before he becomes the Bull of the subplot. As Dearg Donn owns the bruidne where the heros find their end and he is linked to mountains. Before the saint Croagh Patrick was called Croagh Dearg. And when the saint took over he might have taken on some of Dearg/Donns cult.

All Irish people went before Donn at Tech nDuinn after they died and after Patrick goes to Croagh Dearg he makes the deal that all Irish people will go before him instead of saint peter when they die.